Uncharted waters

Orillo Productions has ventured into uncharted waters with their most recent collaboration with POLO music, an atmospheric future pop duo from Leeds. Orillo’s first collaboration with POLO led them to win Best Cinematography at Leeds Music Video Awards for the black and white stylistically dark music video; Party Talk. This pushed Orillo into a new mode of thinking and led them to pitch a music video that would both mentally and physically challenge the mode of film making for POLO’s next track, Running Deep.

Running Deep is a music video that incorporates Inuit mythology with a range of choreographic sequences split over 5 separate locations within Yorkshire and Leeds. The abstract piece centralises around a representation of the Goddess of the Sea, Sedna and a man who can’t escape being drawn to the water to join her. Her hypnotic and alluring energy cast over the film is reflected in a choreographic duet between two dancers, which in many ways represents Sedna’s magnetic connection with the man.

PBTF first met Orillo at the BVE Show in 2013 and they later came back to speak to us in late 2014 when they were considering purchasing a Red Dragon Camera as an investment in kit that would hopefully future-proof their productions. We have worked with them again recently when they added Post Production facilities to their offering.

"For me working on a project like this is exciting, of course the end product needs to be our best, but the process in which it is made is the most exciting for me. Seeing teamwork come together to create something everybody is proud of, pushing everyone’s talents further than they thought. Making the behind the scenes film is a great way to show people the talent that everyone has and the effort that goes into making everything, just how we envisioned it when we were putting pen to paper in the development stages”. Keenan Foley, BTS.

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