Finance Lease

Finance leasing is a fixed cost rental facility which may suit a customer who cannot recover the VAT element of the deposit required under a Hire Purchase agreement or doesn’t want the tax benefits of ownership.

After paying rentals over an agreed term, which is known as the primary period, you have three options:

  1. The equipment can be returned to Paragon Bank Technology Finance;
  2. You can continue leasing the equipment;
  3. You can sell the equipment on our behalf to third party not related to your business and we pay you a pre-agreed percentage of the net sale proceeds.

 Key benefits

  • VAT not payable as part of deposit
  • As you don't own the equipment, tax treatment may be more beneficial (subject to your tax status)
  • Option to return equipment at end of primary term with no further liability.



Speed was one of the main things about them, they deal with broadcast and film equipment a lot so they’re familiar with the industry too, which helps. Unlike other kit, the Talos is both expensive and portable and designed to go on location around the world, and it can be hard to find finance companies that are happy to take the risk on that as there is more to go wrong. But Paragon Bank Technology Finance was happy.

Assaff Rawner
MD, Mark Roberts Motion Control

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