Loan Structure

Paragon Bank Technology Finance's loan structures enable suppliers to offer a simple payment structure in conjunction with their own supply agreements or managed services contracts. Terms can be bespoke to meet customers’ requirements. The loan is a one page agreement, accepted by some of the UK’s largest corporations and public sector bodies, and often used in support of a supplier-subsidised customer solution with interest-free payment installments.

For example, the UK subsidiary of one of the world’s largest IT companies wished to acquire equipment costing £2m but pay for it over 2 years. The supplier wished to offer an interest-free loan solution and agreed to subsidise the interest by way of an undisclosed discount. PBTF’s solution achieved the objectives of both supplier and customer.



Why use Paragon Bank Technology Finance? I met with Gareth Wilding a few times and was always impressed that he understood the industry – he knew the products and he knew the vendors. The rates they offered were similar or better than what we could get with major banks, plus along with that I didn’t have to explain what a Baselight was. It’s the ease of working with them that makes them special.

Anshul Doshi
MD, Prime Focus London PLC

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