As film, broadcast and pro-audio technology evolves, so too do the requirements of film-makers, production companies, OB providers, programme commissioners, and events organisers. Equipment hire companies must therefore keep their knowledge base and inventory up to date in order to remain competitive. You need to stay ahead of the latest developments as you will be the proving ground for all new production technology, whether it's upgrading to 4K equipment, evaluating the latest anamorphic lenses, or pathfinding with the new touring line-array, as well as the vital support team helping the creatives and artistes turn their vision into reality whilst remaining ready to leap to the rescue when something stops working – and it will.

At Paragon Bank Technology Finance we understand the hire business in a way that most other funding providers – banks, finance companies and brokers – probably do not. In fact you account for more than 65% of the business we do so our experience and appetite is unrivalled. Also, our long standing working relationships with leading manufacturers – including Sony, Panasonic, ARRI, Red, JVC, Canon, EVS, Cooke, Fujinon, Angenieux, Nexo, d&b, and L’Acoustics – means we are more likely to be running their finance promotions, offering you significant price savings and cash-flow benefits.

We are experienced with the kit and know what its true depreciation profile is likely to be. Consequently we are able to accurately measure our risk and structure truly asset-based finance facilities to a higher level than most banks or finance companies’ typical gearing restrictions would allow.

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We offer a variety of finance solutions to the media & technology industries.

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We’ve used numerous finance companies over the years, but we find Paragon Bank Technology Finance to be very efficient and streamlined. Also they understand the business.

Matt Marner
Head of Finance, Video Europe

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