Post production

The post-production landscape has changed greatly in recent years, both in terms of the roster of facilities houses to choose from, and the technology available.

With the advent of powerful desktop and laptop computers capable of handling large amounts of data, the way that post-production is presented and managed has also advanced; this includes the change in the way that facilities maintain their competitiveness in a tough economic climate. While there is still the must-have editing or VFX systems that producers request by name  along with the expectation of nice sofas and good hospitality, much of the necessary investment nowadays is in networking and infrastructure – particularly with the advent of UHD or 4K.

Allowing operators to access production files from a central storage server, no matter which suite they are working in, makes bookings more flexible, and is especially helpful with larger facilities that have more than one building. Additionally there will always be new innovations that make workflows easier, faster or cheaper, but they still require your investment.

Working with Paragon Bank Technology Finance means you don't need to explain why the upgrade to your fibre connections is necessary, or why you need to buy more storage capacity, or what the five new offline suites will add to your capacity. We have been in the media business for over 25 years and understand the challenges facing post facilities. We can therefore create an individual payment plan to suit your budget, timeframes and long-term plans.

Finance options

We offer a variety of finance solutions to the media & technology industries.

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Why use Paragon Bank Technology Finance? I met with Gareth Wilding a few times and was always impressed that he understood the industry – he knew the products and he knew the vendors. The rates they offered were similar or better than what we could get with major banks, plus along with that I didn’t have to explain what a Baselight was. It’s the ease of working with them that makes them special.

Anshul Doshi
MD, Prime Focus London PLC

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