As broadcast technology evolves, so too do the format requirements of broadcasters and programme commissioners. Camera and Lens suppliers must therefore keep their knowledge base and inventory up to date in order to remain competitive. If you are a freelance camera operator, a production company or a broadcaster, you’ll need to stay on top of the latest developments by any means, whether this be upgrading to 4K equipment or evaluating the latest anamorphic lenses.

Hiring or cross-hiring is a common short term alternative approach to finance that is practiced until a solid demand for a particular product is established.  However, there comes a time when it is financially advantageous for you to invest in your own camera stock. These purchases can be major investments but prove to be profitable business assets that pay for themselves within a measurable time frame.

At Paragon Bank Technology Finance, we understand your business in a way that other lenders probably do not. For years we have worked closely with leading manufacturers including Sony, Panasonic, ARRI, Red, JVC, Canon, Cooke, Fujinon and Angenieux.

In the competitive Studios market, flexibility and great service are key to securing regular work. From major live shows such as The X Factor to smaller and more intimate chat shows, you’ll need to offer the specific facilities that producers require in terms of space, hospitality, talent requirements and of course technology.

As the industry demands more 4K content, you may consider upgrading your cameras, vision mixers, audio mixers and monitors as well as content distribution technology, in order to stay ahead of your competition.

Of course, none of this equipment comes cheap, particularly when factoring in the myriad of accessories. With the close relationships formed by Paragon Bank Technology Finance with leading manufacturers and our industry expertise garnered over many years, we understand the technology, your rationale and your timescales. We will work closely with you to create a package that fits your budget and your schedule, enabling the show to go on at the convenience of you and your clients.

Similarly, as an Outside Broadcast company, your kit needs to be ready for anything. One day you could be providing a fleet of trucks for a major sports event or music festival and the next you might need to attend a one-off political event, set up a temporary four-wall studio installation or send a fly-away kit to the Middle East to cover a breaking news story. While some equipment may be rented on an ad-hoc basis, it makes financial and logistical sense to have certain equipment in stock, either housed in specialist vehicles or ready to be incorporated as part of a fly-away pack. It must be robust to cope with the rigours of frequent transportation, installation and de-rigs, so good cabling and sturdy packaging are necessities. Also, finding spares in the desert or the middle of a field is challenging, so extra batteries, redundancy items and other accessories are essential.

If you are having a new truck built, we can work closely with Systems Integrators to manage the cashflow burden during the build period.

At Paragon Bank Technology Finance, we understand all these challenges and appreciate the value of quality cabling and specialised flight cases. We recognise that a little more expenditure up front can often lead to significant savings down the line and we share your desire to keep your key assets properly maintained and protected. Consequently we are usually pleased to incorporate such intangible costs in our finance agreements. We also know that often equipment has to be turned around very quickly to meet broadcast deadlines, so we will work with you to ensure everything is signed off and ready to go when you need it.

Perhaps you're a Specialist camera operator, possibly specialising in super high-speed filming, using Phantom or Weisscam cameras to capture amazing slow-motion wildlife images, or shooting underwater with the latest housings for deep sea diving. Maybe you are a 3D specialist and need rigs such as 3ality Technica's beamsplitter mirror rig and the myriad accessories like Transvideo's 3D monitors. Or perhaps you are an aerial photographer, capturing stunning vertical or oblique stills, or moving images for broadcast, advertising or corporate projects. Alternatively you may be a freelance camera operator investing in your own Steadicam rig or a rental company adding to your stock of cranes, dollies and grip equipment.

Whatever your speciality, the chances are you need certain specialist – read 'expensive' – as well as industry-standard camera equipment, cases, cables and all the other paraphernalia that comes with such an exacting profession. Luckily, Paragon Bank Technology Finance is also a specialist, and we have been speaking your language for over 25 years.

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When it came to putting together the finance for the Sony camera deal, the decision to use Paragon Bank Technology Finance was as much about people as numbers. Paragon Bank Technology Finance has a very good relationship with Sony, as authorised finance partners to Sony’s Financial Services, but it also has a very good relationship with us, which was very important.

Doug Urquhart
MD, Electra TV

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