Transmission, playout and satellite uplink

As a broadcaster you will have spent time and a considerable budget on creating and gathering the best content for your channel. Or as a playout centre or managed service facility, you will have worked hard to win the confidence and trust of broadcasters who want you to manage the process of getting their content to air. This is possibly the most crucial part of the broadcast business – getting the right content to air, on time and without any technical hitches is essential.

There are so many systems to choose from depending on your specific requirements - single or multi-channel playout, SD, HD, or now 4K, hardware or software-based that is capable of producing rich graphics or simpler content. Whatever it is, it must be reliable with built-in back-up elements and redundancy for every eventuality – in short, you want the best. Once you've decided on your system, Paragon Bank Technology Finance can not only structure a payment plan that suits your budget now, but will also be there when you expand as your business grows.

Similarly, with the burgeoning market for satellite uplink services, in broadcast, distance learning, webcasting, web hosting, telecommunications, enterprise-wide communications and more. Providing satellite uplink and downlink services requires significant investment, whether you are a small business of one or two trucks looking to grow, or a larger organisation needing to keep up to date with new technology across your whole fleet of trucks and broadcast centres. This is a mission-critical area where good service providers must offer secure, fast and reliable uplinks and downlinks, with robust back-up systems available for peace of mind.

Paragon Bank Technology Finance is well schooled in the equipment required for satellite operations and sympathetic to broadcast schedules that can't wait for finance decisions to be passed around a committee. We can work with you to tailor a finance package that suits your budget and time frames, ensuring that you have the equipment to make your business work seamlessly.

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It was a very comfortable, non-pressure situation, it all happened very fast, we installed the eQ, had two days training, and immediately we were editing a very high profile job for Blink TV producing a James Bond Film style intro for the giant screens on the current Westlife tour. We didn’t hear from Paragon Bank Technology Finance while that was underway, even though we still hadn’t signed the papers, and they didn't contact us until they knew we’d finished the production. They understood that I couldn’t have dealt with anything else that week, so they gave us some space... that quiet professionalism impressed me a lot.

Barrie Williams
Proprietor, Pixelfantastic

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